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Pet Wellness Exams | Akron

An important part of caring for a pet is providing them with the opportunity to have a wellness exam conducted by a veterinarian on a routine basis. If you are a cat or dog owner, contact Akron Animal Clinic in the city of Akron and make an appointment for veterinary care. Here are some procedures our veterinarians will perform during a wellness exam at our animal hospital.

Wellness Exams

A Complete Evaluation Is Conducted

Our veterinarians at our animal hospital will do a full assessment on your cat or dog from head to tail. This part of an exam starts by weighing your pet and checking on its vital signs. This information is documented and used during subsequent visits to compare statistics in which could be helpful in identifying medical troubles should one arise. Our veterinarians will then look over your pet's body in detail for any signs of medical difficulty. If an abnormality is discovered, treatment options are discussed with you to remedy the situation.

Preventative Care Is Provided

After an examination is conducted, our veterinarians will discuss the importance of vaccinating your pet. A schedule of recommended immunizations is also provided to you so that you are aware of when your pet is scheduled for the next vaccine. If your pet did not have any pressing issues that required addressing after the pet examination, he or she may be a candidate to have some immunizations administered during the same appointment.

Other Care Tactics Are Discussed and Scheduled

In addition to immunizations, our veterinarians provide other preventative measures to keep your cat or dog as healthy and safe as possible. This includes spaying or neutering pets so that they are no longer able to reproduce. This procedure not only stops unwanted kittens or puppies from being born, but also provides pets with protection against some reproductive cancers.

Many pet owners provide their dogs or cats with the benefit of microchipping. The microchip is implanted into the pet's skin, which holds identifying information including your address and phone number. If your pet becomes lost and later found, your pet will be scanned for a chip, if your pet is brought to a humane society or vet's office.

Another preventative measure our veterinarians provide is the protection against parasites. This usually entails the administration of topical medication to keep fleas and ticks from causing your pet difficulties. Internal parasites are handled with oral medication to prevent and treat existing problems.

Contact Akron Animal Clinic in Akron if your pet requires an examination. Call our veterinary clinic at 330-836-0437 to find out more about the services we provide or to make an appointment for a pet wellness exam with our veterinarians.