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Puppy & Kitten Care

What a New Pet Owner Needs to Know

Puppies and kittens need to visit a veterinarian several times during their youth for many reasons. Ideally, all puppies and kittens are in great health from the moment they are born, ready to start their lives in a loving and caring home. Visits with a veterinarian and clinic staff at a young age help ensure pets' good health, and makes them feel comfortable about going to the vet for future routine checkups, in case of an injury, or in times of sickness. Illness is already stressful enough for pets, there is no reason they should have to be unprepared for veterinary visits as well. Our doctors and staff at Akron Animal Clinic, LLC in Akron, Ohio, would be honored to care for your pets from the time you first get them, until it's time to say goodbye.


Routine Procedures

There are more reasons to visit a veterinarian than simply meeting the doctors and staff at the clinic for a puppy or kitten's first trip to the animal hospital. There are routine procedures every puppy and kitten needs. Spaying or neutering is extremely important as a means to control animal populations, which are already far too high all across America. Not only are strays a nuisance, but they lead to disease which can spread to pets with owners and other people as well. Speaking of disease, pets also need vaccinations against untreatable common diseases and need to be routinely checked on just like people, as early detection is the best way to treat any issues which arise as pets age.

Education and Awareness for the Owner

Another aspect of the initial veterinarian visit is education and awareness for the owner. Even if the person isn't a first-time dog or cat owner, it can be helpful to hear any updates about pet care, as veterinary medicine is constantly improving, and what was done 20 years ago might not be the best way to care for a pet. There are also serious health risks associated with certain breeds, typically based on over breeding or improper planning of a bloodline. Such things don't mean a pet can't live a long and happy life, but it does require extra monitoring in order to assure the animal doesn't suffer any unnecessary discomfort.

Veterinary Needs Served by Akron Animal Clinic, LLC In Ohio

At Akron Animal Clinic, LLC in Ohio, our doctors and staff are trained to care for your pet's health. Just like a person sees a doctor, it's always best to bring your pets in early, so they can build a relationship with their veterinarian. Give us a call at 330-836-0437 to schedule your pet's first appointment.