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Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery From Akron Animal Clinic

At the Akron Animal Clinic, we provide all types of veterinary care to cats, dogs, and pets of other species. One of the services we offer at our animal hospital is pet surgery. We commonly perform spay and neuter surgeries on puppies and kittens, as well as adult animals who have not been fixed. While spay and neuter surgeries are by far the most common type of surgery we perform, we also perform other types of surgeries like removing benign lumps. Read on to learn more about our surgical services.


Spay & Neuter Surgeries

We perform many spay and neuter surgeries at our clinic. These surgeries are relatively simple, especially in the hands of personnel as experienced as our staff. We have a high success rate for spay and neuter surgeries and a low rate of adverse effects. Most of our furry patients can actually go home the same day, but a few may need to stay overnight for observation. Spay and neuter surgeries are normally performed on puppies and kittens, although some rescued pets may not yet have been fixed. Either way, if your cat or dog has not yet been fixed, we can safely and effectively perform a spay or neuter surgery.

Other Types Of Pet Surgery

While most of the surgeries we perform are spay and neuter operations, we do perform other types of surgery. One of the most common types of surgery that we do besides spaying and neutering is removing benign lumps. Cats and especially dogs seem to get such lumps at a high rate. The vast majority of the time, these bumps are benign. They are relatively easy to remove with a quick and effective operation. If your pet may need another type of operation, speak to your veterinarian and we'll help you figure out what your next steps are.

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Here at the Akron Animal Clinic, we can take care of your pet's surgery and any other health needs that they may have. You can rest assured that your veterinarian will be highly trained and experienced, so your pet will be in good hands no matter what sort of healthcare they may need. If you need any info or have any questions, contact us via phone or through our website. We can also help you set an appointment for a time that fits your busy schedule.