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Pet Dental | Your Akron Pet Dentist

Pet Dental At Akron Animal Clinic

At Akron Animal Clinic we believe that the best veterinary care is preventative care. For most pet owners, that means an annual wellness examination. We always recommend that but include a dental exam as part of the package. Pet dental wellness is often overlooked, but it can seriously affect your pet's entire well-being if not cared for regularly. We'll give your pet a dental exam every time she comes in for a wellness checkup, and will recommend teeth cleaning and other dental procedures when necessary to keep your pet on the road to good health.

Pet Dental At Akron Animal Clinic

The Importance of Pet Dental Cleaning

Your pet's teeth are just like your own. If they're left uncleaned, a sticky film called plaque will build up on the surface of the teeth, and eventually, turn into a hard yellow substance called tartar. Tartar is filled with microscopic holes where bacteria can grow, causing infection in your pet's mouth and spreading throughout his body. When this dental disease happens, your pet may have any number of symptoms, such as:

    • Swollen or bleeding gums
    • Lack of appetite or weight loss
    • Pawing at the face
    • Loose or missing teeth
    • Poor grooming
    • Extremely bad breath

Veterinarian Dental Cleaning

Once tartar has built up in the mouth, your pet will need a professional dental cleaning. Our veterinarian will begin by anesthetizing your pet for her comfort and safety. This can worry some pet owners, but when done correctly anesthesia is very safe.

The cleaning includes removing tartar on the surface of the teeth, as well as under the gumline. We'll take a full set of x-rays to determine the general health of your pet's mouth, as well as to find any developing problems that can be corrected. We'll finish by scaling and polishing the visible part of the teeth to give them a smooth surface that's much less likely to harbor future tartar growth.

Preventing Further Dental Problems

The best way to prevent your pet from having dental problems is to brush her teeth on a regular basis. If you haven't been doing this since you first got your dog or cat, this is going to be a learning process for both of you. We'll be happy to teach you how to brush your pet's teeth and give you tips for a more successful experience. It can be difficult or uncomfortable at first, but your pet should get used to this new treatment relatively quickly. 

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Great pet dental care begins with a comprehensive pet wellness examination. If your pet hasn't seen the vet in at least a year, give us a call at 330-836-0437 and we'll arrange an appointment today.