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Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies Overview

We often think of people getting allergies from pets, but did you know that your own pets can suffer from severe allergies? While it is incredibly rare for a dog or cat to be allergic to human dander (though it does happen!), there are several other more common allergies that they can have. The following is a look at those common allergies and how to identify whether your pet suffers from them.


How to Identify Pet Allergies

The two most common symptoms of allergies that your cat or dog is likely to show are itchy skin and rashes. So, if you notice your pert constantly scratching or if you see a bunch of raised, red bumps underneath their fur, then the next step is to consider what is causing it. Our vet can help you diagnose the underlying cause, yet we often find that the cause of pet allergies to one of the four following things:

  • Fleas. Fleas transfer allergens via the blood, saliva, and feces they take from one pet and bring to another. The more fleas you have on a pet, the more these contaminants mix with their skin and can cause incredibly itchy skin and ugly rashes. 
  • Food. You probably know someone who has a peanut or shellfish allergy that cause them to break out in hives or itching. Well, pets can react similarly to certain foods. Thankfully, most food allergies for dogs and cats are relatively harmless and will pass with just a bit of time, but it's important to contact your vet if symptoms like diarrhea, swelling, fatigue, or rashes continue for longer than 12 hours after a suspected food-based allergy. 
  • Hygiene Products.  Finding the right shampoo or soap to clean your pet might be difficult as many pets will have a slight allergic reaction to common chemicals and oils. Pet allergies from such products often cause symptoms like itchy skin, watery eyes, and skin rashes, but those symptoms will generally disappear within a couple of hours. If you are having trouble picking a non-allergy prone product, 
  • Environment. This is perhaps the most common cause of pet allergies and the most frustrating one to solve. There are many things both indoors and outdoors that can ignite an allergic reaction, including things as innocuous as grass or a certain brand of cleaning spray you use on your tile flooring. 

Have Your Pet's Allergies Checked Out at Akron Animal Clinic 

Allergies can be incredibly frustrating and painful for pets, so it is important to talk to your vet if your pet starts exhibiting prolonged allergy symptoms. Our experienced team at Akron Animal Clinic is here to diagnose what is causing our pet's allergies and get them effective treatment straightaway. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.