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Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention in Akron, OH

Parasite prevention is essential to your pet's quality of life and health. At Akron Animal Clinic in Akron, OH, our knowledgeable and experienced veterinary medical providers, Dr. Tracy McLean and Dr. Dennis Boelter, screen cats and dogs during wellness exams to reduce their chances of infestations of fleas, ticks, and other pests. 


Common Pet Parasites

Most of these parasites can infest or infect animals, including cats and dogs. 

Fleas: Fleas bite all animals, even humans. Although they aren't deadly, these tiny bugs can cause a lot of damage by infesting homes if left untreated. Fleas can lead to intense itching, rashes, and overall misery among pets and people. Additionally, fleas can transmit tapeworms and cause bacterial infections. To stop an infestation, owners need to kill all the fleas, eggs, and larvae from their house and pets. If you live in an area prone to these pests, such as in a warm climate or have lots of sand near your property, consider year-round preventive treatments for all household animals. 

Ticks: Ticks can transfer harmful viruses to pets that can be difficult or impossible to treat. Ticks can also transfer from a dog or cat's fur to humans, which is why it's essential to always check for ticks after spending time in the woods. 

Heartworms: Heartworms are very common in dogs, and are preventable. Dogs and cats can begin preventive care as early as six to eight weeks. Your pet will most likely show no symptoms at first, but as the worms grow, he or she may constantly cough or wheeze. If caught early in dogs, our veterinarians may be able to treat them successfully. Unfortunately, there is no safe and effective treatment to remove the worms from cats.

Intestinal worms: Several types of intestinal worms can infect cats and dogs. These are often found during annual exams, and our veterinarians can prescribe a medication to remove them. 

Preventing Parasites

The easiest way to deter parasitic infestations is with regular, year-round, preventive care, which includes medications and annual or biannual visits to our animal hospital. In addition to medical care, you can:

  • Keep yards and litterboxes feces-free
  • Stop pets from eating feces
  • Eliminate all access to standing water 
  • Have pets groomed regularly to check for fleas and ticks

If your pet exhibits signs of illness, such as vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, or blood in his or her stool, contact our animal hospital immediately for an appointment.

Prevent Pests from Harming Your Pet by Scheduling an Appointment for Preventative Care

Akron Animal Clinic serves patients throughout Akron, Ohio, and surrounding areas. Our veterinary staff is available to get your animal into the next available appointment with either veterinarian to check for and help prevent parasites. Call us today at 330-836-0437.