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Dermatology FAQs

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions about Dermatology-Related Problems

At Akron Animal Clinic, LLC, we have clients asked us questions about dermatology-related problems, and our vets want to take a moment to answer the top ones in this article. Whether a dog skin allergy, parasites, or an underlying condition is causing skin problems in your pet, let us help.


What Are the Signs That My Dog or Cat Might Have a Skin Disorder?

It varies with each pet. However, pets with a skin disorder will scratch, lick, or chew the skin more, have scales or bumps on the skin, hair loss patches, hives, itchiness, or hot spots.

What Causes a Cat or Dog Skin Allergy?

A variety of things can trigger a cat or dog skin allergy, such as:

  • Bacterial and yeast infections
  • Parasites, like fleas, ticks, and mites
  • Fungal infections
  • Dry skin
  • Environmental, food, and seasonal allergies
  • Underlying conditions
  • Mange
  • Ringworm
  • Lick granuloma

Can I Prevent a Dermatology Problem in My Pet?

In most cases, you can prevent skin problems. For instance, if your pet has allergies, you can help reduce as much contact of the allergen as possible to prevent flare-ups. If the skin issue is the result of fleas or ticks, you can apply a topical medicine every month to stop these parasites from latching onto your pet’s skin.

Is It Necessary to See a Vet for Skin Problems?

Yes, it is necessary. If your cat or dog is bothered by the itchiness, your pet will do whatever it can to relieve the itch, which could lead to sores, bleeding, open wounds, and other symptoms mentioned above. 

What Can a Veterinarian Do to Help?

A veterinarian can help diagnose and possibly treat the skin problem. A veterinarian can conduct allergy tests, skin biopsies, and other diagnostics to determine why your pet has a skin problem and then prescribe treatments to relieve the symptoms.

Visit Our Vets in Akron If You Are Concerned with Your Pet’s Dermatology-Related Problem

Most skin problems are not emergencies. However, if your cat or dog has any of the signs we’ve talked about, it’s time to call Akron Animal Clinic, LLC, in Akron. Even if your pet’s skin and fur are healthy, regular vet visits allow us to recommend practices and treatments to prevent skin problems in the first place. Contact us today at 330-836-0437 to meet our vets.